Accessorize your library and grab attention

March 12 / Display & exhibition

Create a fun and inviting environment

A new handbag, shiny necklace or colourful pair of shoes - the right accessories can grab attention and easily change your appearance from drab to fab. 

So then why not use accessories to spice up your library? Like our colourful, fluorescent “In-between” index blocks; or our “Wawes” book displays.

It may be 'mission impossible' to organise the contents of your handbag, but we promise these accessories will bring pizzazz, as well as organisation to your library.

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Waves displays in neon colours
Waves displays in neon colours

Books on display

December 4 / Display & exhibition

Highlight and showcase specific collections

Displaying books and other library materials can be a helpful tool to highlight and showcase specific collections. Creating an ‘exhibit’ where you display new arrivals, books written by a specific author, or even theme-based materials, will create a point of interest for library users.

Avedøre Public Library, Denmark
Tangenten Public Library, Nesodden, Norway