Visualise the media

June 18 / Technology

Integrate media into library furniture

Integrating screens into shelving can be a way of visualising the media you can’t hold in your hands. The screens are mostly integrated into end panels, but it is also a possibility to integrate the screen into a display, such as Ordrup display, where the news can run over the screen. The screens can be an eye-catcher in the library and inspire the users in their search after new books. The screens can have several different functions such as way finding, a search tool for the users, give information to the users from the library and advertisement. Many of screens are interactive and can be used by the users.

The screens are customised for the users and the function with each project. 

Integrating screens into shelving is an area in development and always changing.

Avedøre Public Library, Denmark
Ørestaden Public Library, Denmark

The library of the future is here

February 24 / Technology

Keep up-to-date!

We constantly keep abreast of the latest happenings and developments in the library world in order to fuel our inspiration and feed our hunger to remain at the forefront of library design.

The Hunt Library, located on North Carolina State University’s research campus, is without a doubt the library of the future. It is a flagship and benchmark for libraries wanting to embrace digital technology.

With high-tech tools, immersive spaces and an environment that fosters collaboration, the Hunt Library helps students turn ideas into reality.

It is a place of passion and vision; reflection and creativity – all of which are assisted and nurtured through the use of interactive computing, multimedia and large-scale visualization tools, enabling revolutionary ways to see and use information.

This library is evidence that the libraries of the future are not buildings where dust settles on books, but rather lively hubs where people can interact with new technologies and create amazing things.

Hunt Academic Library, North Carolina, USA
Hunt Academic Library, North Carolina, USA

Self-service stations

December 4 / Technology

Shirley Public Library, United Kingdom

Allow library users to take charge and help themselves

Today, most libraries have Self-service Stations which are automated loan and return desks and enable library users to take out and return books on their own, without the need for a librarian or staff member.  These stations are often placed at the entrance/exit as it is most convenient for the user.