What's your study style?

October 22 / Academic libraries

Not every student prefers silence to study

An Academic Library provides students with the perfect study environment, especially because the information and resources they need to ace their exams and assignments is right at their fingertips.

Some students prefer to study alone, whereas others learn better in a group setting. When designing an academic library, it is therefore fundamental to accommodate students’ various learning styles. Quiet study zones where students can focus and learn individually, as well as group areas where students can discuss and collaborate, need to be integrated in the library layout.

Darmstadt Academic Library, Germany
Newport University, Wales, United Kingdom
Queen Mary University, London, United Kingdom

Even the most disciplined student needs a well-deserved break

November 23 / Academic libraries

The National Academy of Arts, Oslo, Norway

The library becomes a home away from home

For students, the library is the go-to place when writing exams or preparing assignments. It is an information hub, a quiet sanctuary where they can focus and learn, as well a collaborative environment for group work and study. In fact, during exam times, a student may spend hours upon hours within the confines of the library. As such, the library can become their second home.

It is therefore very important for an academic library to balance the need for study conducive areas with social areas, as even the most disciplined student needs a break or a caffeine fix.

An informal lounge area with soft seating and more relaxed furniture is the perfect spot for students to take a well-earned study break and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a chat with fellow students.