Relate to children at their level

August 23 / Children's zone

Sindal Public Library, Denmark

Child-size furniture for the perfect-fit library

Do you remember how big everything was when you were a child? The world was an unexplored expanse waiting to be discovered. And you longed for your independence to go on adventures without needing an adult.

To nurture that curiosity and fuel that independence, a children’s library zone needs to be child-size. The shelving needs to be at a height where they can reach the books on the top shelf. The tables and chairs need to be the perfect fit. The display needs to be at their eye-level. All of this so that children can feel the space is made especially for them and that they can enjoy all it has to offer with or without mum and dad.

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Once upon a time

August 17 / Children's zone

…there was a library that wanted to invite all the small children into the magical world of books.

The librarians wondered how they could entice the children with all the wonders and adventures hidden within the pages of their books. They thought to themselves, “Let’s create a place that brings the stories to life! A place of fantasy, discovery and exploration. A place for storytelling, reading and learning”.

They hammered and painted away to create a wonderful haven for the children to enjoy the splendour of books. As soon as the last nail was hammered, the children came from far and near to listen to the stories told. They were bewitched and entranced by the fantastical world created by books and before they knew it, they were hooked. They grew up to be filled with knowledge and laughter and of course they all lived happily ever after!