Push and Pull Expo book trolley

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Versatile, easy to Work display trolley

A range of smart, single sided book trolleys with a lot of driving pleasure. Well worked-out construction, durable material in good quality and is extremely user friendly are some key words. The stands design with a keyhole as pattern is just as simple as genius; provides a good grip (is easy on the shoulders and back), suits all regardless of height and can be operated from both directions (push & pull). The cassettes are slightly tilted backwards, 7˚. They come with four shelves of which two are moveable. Add to this a generous shelf depth.

The book trolleys are designed in accordance with the Dutch ARBO guidelines for occupational health and safety.

An easy, single sided trolley on wheels for front exposure of books and other media. Also ideal for storage of paperback and manga books. Equipped with four shelves with front edge; optional placement and also somewhat adjustable in depth. Add to this a generous, extra storage space in the back; facilitates the task of filling it up with new titles! The construction offers both good visibility and accessibility.

Capacity: Face-forward display: approx. 35-40 standard books.
                Front storage: approx. 110-120 Paperback books or approx. 225 Manga books
Format: B970 x D662 x H1330 mm
Display depth: 140 mm
Shelf depth: 843 mm