Radix AV media browser

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Simple yet impressive presentation of digital media

Present your digital media in a simple yet impressive manner. The clean, straight design of the Radix Wooden AV Browser is suited to most libraries and can be combined in several ways. It is available as a single-sided or double-sided unit; as free-standing or as an add-on; and in three different heights. Furthermore, the single-sided option is available as a two storey model for high volume presentation.

The browser includes threaded bars and 6, 12 or 18 metal dividers depending on model. It also includes grooved rubber matting which keeps books upright.

Single-sided dimensions: W1128 x H650/770/900 x D390 mm
Double-sided dimensions: W1128 x H650/770/900 x D765 mm
Two-storey dimensions: W1128 x H1280 x D760 mm

Material browser: veneered/melamine coated wood
Material tray and dividers: laquered metal