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Meet Elna the elephant. She loves being with children and is happy to be fed with books (that's allowed!). Books that she also generously shares in her own special way. Elna is kind but a bit mischievous. She sticks out her trunk a bit cheekily at everyone who comes near her. She is so eager to show off the books she likes. Elna also has her own very special hiding places for books for children to discover, or spaces to crawl in under.

Depending of the the size of the chosen books Elna’s tusks can be equipped with three or four shelves; variable heights.

Capacity: Approx. 100 frontdisplayed picture books.
Size: W780 x D1528 x H1328 mm
Material: Laminated plywood.

Design: Louise Hederström and Dan Jonsson for Eurobib Direct.

Responsible Forestry
The Wildlife collection is made of wood from sustainable forestry.