Frontline Square

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A mobile, flexible unit for large volumes of books

This quadratic shelving system is built on the same basis as the Frontline shelving system, where the shelves are set towards the front of the shelving system and sit almost flush with the panels. 

The unit can be used for both display and storage. Use flat shelves or browsers for maximum storage of large volumes of books. Or use a wide variety of functions to create display areas.  The top of the Frontline Square allows for several usage options - e.g. as a work table or a play area. Or why not use it as a surface to create book themes to visually catch the attention of visitors!

The design of Frontline Square is extremely multifunctional and can be incorporated into many different environments.

Frontline Square is available in several sizes and in two finishes - painted or veneer. All standard models are equipped with 8 castors, making them mobile and easy to move.