Cocoon Media-Lounge

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Create a room within a room - introducing the Cocoon Media-Lounge

With the Cocoon Media-Lounge we have found a way of blending the real world with the digital world, creating a specialised zone within a given space, that can be used for both work and play. Whether the zone is a study zone for concentration and focus; or a gaming zone for play and fun, the innovative design of the Cocoon Media-Lounge allows you to reduce the scale of a large area and create a more intimate space with its own unique purpose.

Besides the standard lounges; Kids-Lounge, Gaming-Lounge, Computer-Lounge and Working-Lounge , we are also able to create unique lounges such as Laboratory-Lounges and 3D-printer-Lounges, that tailor to your individual needs for a zone in your library. Take a look at the various designs and be inspired.

Do not disturb!
The acoustic properties ensure that sound is contained within the Cocoon Media-Lounge so other library users are not disturbed.

Show it off!
Use the display area outside the Cocoon Media-Lounge to show off the latest new medias and to create theme areas in the library.

Be creative!
Use lighting and graphics on the Cocoon Media-Lounge to create unique and bespoke zoning solutions

Turn it on!
Install screens, sound and computers in the Cocoon Media-Lounge to create a digital zone.

To discuss how best to fit the Cocoon Media-Lounge into your library, contact our sales department today.

Tanja Fähndrich and Anthony Salaa

Quality E1 particle board with melamine finish and ABS edges.
Wool felt used on the interior.

Smallest Media-Lounge: W2544 x D1815 x H2100 mm
Largest Media-Lounge: W2808 x D1815 x H2100 mm.