Flat-Line tablet station

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Stable tablet station for iPad 2 in a modern, sleek design

A tablet conveniently provides quick and easy access to information and is a vital communication tool. For this very reason, it is important to make tablets easily accessible in public areas and this is where the Flat Line Tablet Station comes beautifully into the picture.  

The Flat Line Tablet station is a sleek yet sturdy way to install and present a tablet. Available in 3 heights, it ensures a comfortable and optimal working position for the user.  This product allows for the safe & secure presentation of a tablet in a modern and functional format. The frame around the iPad is lockable and therefore theft-proof, yet easily accessible by authorized personnel.

The Flat Line Tablet station has been designed for the iPad 2, but can be adapted to other tablets. It is easy to install and available with 2 headphone jacks (3.5 mm). The station does not need electricity to be operated, but can rely only on the iPad’s battery life. It is optional to order the station with a cable to enable charging of the tablet at all times.

The top section of the station is made of 25mm chipboard; the frame around the iPad is made of stainless steel; and the stand is made of metal. The station is, as standard, delivered in white with a protective steel kick plate but is also available in other colours.

The Flat Line Tablet station is delivered flat-packed. 

H52/72/93 cm
W40 x D40 cm (top surface)

This product is not authorized, sponsored or in any other way connected to Apple Inc.