Frontline Wooden Shelving

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A flexible and sturdy wooden shelving system

The Frontline Wooden Shelving System is part of our range of wooden shelving systems which also includes the Slimline and Softline systems. As the name Frontline suggests, the shelves are set towards the front of the shelving system and sit almost flush with the panels. The variance between the front lip of the shelf and front edge of the panels is 5mm only.Frontline

The Frontline shelving system is available in two variations – single- and double-sided, each with standard configurations for easy ordering. You need not order the standard components however. You can create your own requirement-specific shelving system by choosing from our wide range of wooden and steel shelves and components with various functionalities.

The Frontline shelving system is easy and quick to assemble – it requires no special tools or expert assistance. The system is very flexible as the bays are joined with either an open steel frame or a wooden back. This makes it easy to add or remove bays without having to disassemble the other bays.

The Frontline shelving system is, as standard, delivered in birch or beech veneer but is also available in other wood finishes and painted options. See Design Options for further details.