Opal Steel Shelving

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The Opal shelving system is created in cooperation with the architect Bernt Petersen and is one of our classics.

One of Opal’s most prominent features is its spaciousness. Not just in the literal sense, but also in the sense that it can either be given a completely unique expression or be adapted to blend unobtrusively into any existing space. In concrete terms, this adaptability is matched by the stability which is one of the primary characteristics of the frame construction.

The philosophy behind this shelving system is that it should be easy to make it emphasise an architectural statement. The Opal shelving should be able to embrace a wide variety of architectural expressions – while always remaining true to itself.

The shelving system is available in two variations - single- and double-sided. It is available with a range of shelves, end panels and functions for various purposes and in various colours, see our Technical specifications for further details.