Ratio Wooden Shelving

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Exceptional versatility with this functional and flexible shelving system

This shelving system encapsulates the true meaning of flexibility. Its modular construction provides the highest degree of functionality and versatility and its style; and quality makes it suitable for both contemporary and classic library environments.

The Ratio Wooden shelving system is available in two models – Ratio-B and Ratio-S. The Ratio-B shelving comes without a top shelf or bottom shelf and creates an open, airy feel. The Ratio-S model comes with an additional bottom shelf and accompanying kickplate which takes full advantage of the height of the shelving system and is ideal for large volumes often used in scientific libraries.

The design of the shelving system, with its 32mm grid module, allows for easy assembly and adjustment without the use of specific tools.

The Ratio Wooden Shelving System is available single- or double-sided and can be fitted with metal or wooden shelves, as well as a wide variety of other functional components. The result – a customisable shelving systems that fits the requirements of your specific library. Use the technical specifications to construct the shelving system of your choice.

The Ratio Wooden Shelving System can be delivered in a wide range of finishes. See Design Options for further information.