Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

Public libraries / Completed 2011

A work of reference

The impressive architectural complex of Golda Meir Cultural and Art Center is home to Tel Aviv Museum of Art as well as the Israeli Opera and the Cameri Theatre. Recently, the museum complex was extended with a new wing, the Herta and Paul Amir Building, which also houses a new 2,500 m2 large library.

Professor Preston Scott Cohen designed the 19,000 m2 building together with local architect Amit Nemlich. It has been described as a horizontal “radiator”, combining a complex array of spaces, both linear and multilayered. Thanks to a vertical “light fall”, natural light floods through the building, all the way down to the lower level.

The library is fully computerised and with about 100,000 art books, all major art journals and the latest catalogues of Israeli art, modern and contemporary art, photography, design and architecture, it is one of the leading reference centres in the region. Shelving and displays are delivered by BCI.